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Our Mission:

We build pathways to promising futures through:

Academic Achievement
Life, Career, and College Preparation
Positive Relationships
Hope and 


    Lincoln County School District #2 opened Swift Creek High School (SCHS) in the fall of 2001, providing the high school aged students in Star Valley an alternative education opportunity. Since its inception, SCHS has grown and evolved into a fully accredited high school at which students can earn a standard high school diploma. Our courses are designed to help students develop academic success with small class sizes, six week blocks of study, and an intensified curriculum that utilizes non-traditional methods of learning. I am continually amazed at the skill demonstrated by the teachers at SCHS to engage students and help them be successful in subjects that have always been a struggle to them.  In addition to our focus on academics, SCHS is committed to teach life with a focus on dignity and respect. We believe that every student must leave our school with the essential skills to make responsible life decisions.  SCHS utilizes the Discovery model to teach and reinforce life skills that are expected at school, and that prepare students for life after high school. Students report that SCHS is a place where they can feel safe, successful, and be themselves among friends. 

    Tyler Jack, Principal

    Link to our SCHS 2016-2017 Comprehensive Improvement Plan

What's Happening

WHAT'S HAPPENING: In conjunction with our mission to provide pathways for life preparation, SCHS is joining with 1st Bank to provide a school banking experience for all of our students.  A committee of senior students is developing a school store from which purchases can be made from a school electronic bank system.  Each student has their own respective account and will be able to earn school money by following school expectations and work production.  1st Bank of Afton has sponsored SCHS by purchasing an online financial literacy class for all students to help provide them with basic yet crucial financial knowledge as they face life outside of high school.  


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